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Occupational Medicine

Physical therapy has quickly become one of the most costly elements of work-related musculoskeletal injuries. In Utah, physical therapy now exceeds doctors office visits in total workers compensation costs. To alleviate this, coming to a clinic that cares about your costs is important. At Performance Rehab Clinic, we learn about your company and find ways to get your employees back to work faster. We minimize your costs by eliminating excessive visits, focusing on return to work, and encouraging light duty (instead of off-duty). With extensive experience on over 1200 job sites along the Wasatch Front and Western United States, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure the best care possible.

Onsite Services

How many times has a physical therapist come to your business to recommend ways to help reduce on-the-job accidents and injuries? PRC has developed an onsite-consulting program based on experience with worker’s comp injuries in your industry. Performance Rehab Clinics is focused on customer service for out clients, which includes reducing injuries in the workplace.


At Performance Rehab we see ergonomic consulting as a value-added service for our large clients. As your exclusive therapy provider, we are able to address problem areas specifically, based on how injuries have occurred or may occur in the future to the musculoskeletal systems of employees. In consultation with your facilities department we offer low- to no-cost solutions to help workers better fit the job. The effectiveness of an ergonomic solution is best measured by decreased injury exposure; as experts in injury exposure we are uniquely positioned to give you relevant advice.


Even one workers’ comp claim a year can adversely affect your bottom line. Prevention of on-the-job injuries is key to any company. Research has shown companies that develop a strong “safety culture” have significantly lower workers’ comp claims. PRC takes the time to understand your needs and helps your employees develop an overall safety mindset—a culture of injury prevention in the workplace.

Pre-employment Testing

Not all job applicants are cut out to handle the physical requirements for certain positions, but how can you know for certain an applicant can perform before being hired? The wrong people at certain tasks can mean lost productivity and an increased chance of injury. PRC can administer a quick, inexpensive and comprehensive test designed to assess a prospective employee’s ability to perform essential tasks. A pre-employment test gives the confidence that your job candidate can perform as required without opening your company to a higher risk of injuries. PRC designs a test legally defensible and unique to your company.

Injury Care

When patients do need treatment, PRC returns them to work as soon as possible while maintaining the highest levels of care and rehabilitation. The average patient in PRC’s care returns to full-duty work in less than five therapy sessions. You end up with more productive employees while controlling your company’s costs.